The Museum of Plant Art
LIPME (laboratoire des interactions plantes - microbes - environnement. INRAE /CNRS) 
Résidence 1+2

Chapelle des cordeliers Toulouse
14Oct- 26 Nov 2023
Free entry

The first exhibition of The Museum of Plant Art has been developed  at the LIPME (laboratoire des interactions plantes - microbes - environnement. INRAE/CNRS)  as part of the Résidence 1+2 programme.

It focuses on the range of intricate visual, auditive and olfactive, experiences wildflowers provide to pollinators. It examines the immersive spaces flowers create and the strategies they put in place for their target audience, pollinators. This  immersive exhibition recreates some of the elements of flower-pollinator interactions, to facilitate discussion amongst exhibition audiences of their/the pollinator experience as an artistic one.

In this iteration, The Museum of Plant Art celebrates the complexity and beauty of plant colouration choices, using plant-based biodegradable iridescent materials donated by the University of Cambridge and commercial companies.

The exhibition also includes the use of scents and tailor-made music for the space reflecting on the harmonious vibration flowers and pollinators produce together.

This first exhibition was accompanied by a publication by Filigranes Editions and a day conference at the Museum of Contemporary Art Les Abattoirs in Toulouse.

Both the publication and the conference aimed to facilitate reflective debate and expand on the immersive exhibition experience with a series of contributions from leading philosophers, scientists, journalists, and art academics fostering debate on us, our understanding of art and our understanding of earth co-habitants.

Photos of the opening night by Maxime Duhamel